Sensu'Elle - Model & Burlesque Performer
Performance Testimonials

"Working with Sensu'elle is always an absolute pleasure. Not only is she one of the most elegant and graceful performers but she also makes my life as a promoter much easier with efficient and professional communication. This lady has costumes to die for and always delivers first class performances and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any promoter."
Dawn Gracie, Promoter, Starlet's Burlesque Shows


"Such an engaging performer with total class and awesome costumes, our audience and ourselves absolutely loved her.   Not only is she such a starlet on stage but a wonderful lady off stage too.  Definitely one to watch"
Lady Kendall Joel - La Plume Events 


"Outstanding, professional service from an incredibly talented lady! We were so lucky to have Sensu'Elle as part of our evening, and we so look forward to enjoying one of her master classes soon!!" 

Hayley, Steven & Laurent, Bideford


"Sensu’Elle is an absolute pleasure to work with, a consummate professional, on and off stage. Her costuming is superb and stage presence will leave you longing for more. Beautiful moves, exquisite timing and a truly sultry persona all add up to some excellent entertainment."

Dominique DiVine, Dublin Burlesque Festival


"Sensu'Elle has a stage presence that is undeniably great, she fills up the scene with generous curves and beautiful costumes that enphasize her gorgeous body. She is an exuberant performer blessed with a great sense of humour that captivates the audience. And what can be better than a sex bomb seducing you with a smile?"

Albadoro Gala, Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award, Rome


"Glamour and charisma, Sensu'Elle, whose sensual grace and stunning spectacle left me breathless."



"Seductive, statuesque, sumptuous and above all .....Sensu'Elle"

Danny De Milo, Opulence


"A pleasure to work with on and off stage - Sensu' Elle brings all the best showgirl attributes to a burlesque stage; great costumes, timing and a lot of pizazz"

Kinky & Quirky, Devon


"Sensu'elle is a consummate professional, elegant and stately she literally stands head and shoulders above many performers:) she is a pleasure to work with,charming and self effacing. Her old school glamour and charm will be a sure fire hit with your audience."

Tanya Rich, Club Paradis


"Sensu'Elle brings charm, wit, poise and elegance to any show, oh and of course those legs..."

Bethany Blue, Moreorlesque


"A truer artiste and Burlesque performer you will never have the pleasure to take in. A must see!!"

Lara Carnell, Your Hairdressing Company Ltd

"Quite simply a class act"

Kate Harbour, The Belle Fleurs


"Sensu’Elle is a beautiful statuesque inventive performer. From the moment she steps on stage she captures the hearts of the audience as she encapsulates the grace, style and class of vintage Hollywood glamour with tease Gypsy Rose Lee would be proud of”
Divine Miss Em, compere and producer
“Sensu’Elle is probably one of my all time favorites, an incredibly creative, beautifully presented and graceful performer with a keen sense of fun who can really connect with her audience. Her cool and easy going nature combined with a high level of professionalism make a real joy to work with. Not forgetting probably the best pair of legs on the circuit!”

Skinny Pete Promotions
Promoting the Art of Burlesque
"Sensu' Elle is one of the most wonderful performers I've ever had the good fortune to work with. Her Toga act is indeed sensual, involving the crowd and getting everyone’s pulses racing! 
This beautiful lady has one of the most exquisite wardrobes I've ever seen! Such thought is put into every costume, each and every detail is perfect. Her props are also outstanding; her Dynamite act is simply explosive!
Overall - Sensu'Elle is an all round entertainer and an absolute professional. Clearly a lot of thought goes into everything she performs and she is always lots of fun and laughs to go with it."

Claire Knights
Scarlet Star Burlesque
I have had the pleasure and privelege of working with Sensu'Elle several times over the last year and she has been nothing but pure joy. She can perform effortlessly as a stunning showgirl and, equally as well, turn her hand to comedy. Each act is fun and highly entertaining. As a fellow performer, I can see all the hard work she puts in to each routine, with great attention to detail, and, as an audience member, I hugely enjoy her interactions with us.

Sensu'Elle has demonstrated time and again her sheer professionalism and she is consistently friendly with everyone she meets. Teasy Pleasy Burlesque Revues are wonderful events, which are fun to be involved with, whether as performer, Stage Manager or audience member, and this is because of Sensu'Elle's dedication to providing an event all can enjoy.

Sensu'Elle is a great ambasador for burlesque and I willingly suggest her to other promoters and would very happily have her perform at any future events I organise.

Vie O'Lette
Performer and Madames Modiste Events Organiser
Sensu’Elle is absolutely divine and defines glamour to perfection. Each act is created with innovative ideas and great thought is put into designing her stunning costumes. Sensu’Elle is a real pleasure to watch and performs with utmost grace and charm with the perfect touch of sauciness!
I thoroughly love working with Sensu’Elle and very proud that she is part of my Fantasy Showgirl troupe and is highly recommended!
Miss Fan-Teasy
Fantasy Showgirl Academy
Modelling Reviews
I had a great photo shoot with Sensu'Elle yesterday we achieved everything I wanted to. Sensu'Elle was able to interpret the objectives of the shoot and create both the moods and the poses needed. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is very professional and creative and I will definitely work with her again.
David Scholes
I thoroughly enjoyed our session and our results were super. Sensu'Elle took so much care in the preparation for the shoot . Definitely recommended!
Roger Holt
Well you can see from her portfolio that Sensu'Elle is beautiful, has a great look to camera and a fabulous figure. What you can't see is that she is fun, hardworking and simply great to work with. We did a 50s style shoot and if we hadn't wanted to use some of our own props and outfits we could have done the whole shoot just using the huge range of outfits and props that she brought with her. Excellent model and one that I hope we get chance to work with again. Thanks

Martin Plant
Had a shoot with Sensu'Elle at her home, so many photo set opportunities there!. I was taken aback at the collection of clothes she has, a wardrobe crammed full of dresses, drawers full of corsets, lingerie and accessories galore and all in a semblance of order. I was completely spoilt for choice :-)

Sensu'Elle was very keen to experiment so basically we worked "speculatively" having agreed to just play with a few ideas we'd thrown at each other and see where it went. We also chatted away rather a lot ! So, yes Sensu'Elle communicates effectively :-)

Sensu'Elle poses well, is patient and understanding. Most definetly a team player that's keen to learn more and will give her all to help create good photographs.

A thumbs up from me so recommemded :-)
Chris Dee
Had a wonderful shoot with Sensu'Elle, who turned up on time with case full of accessories and items to match any pose or outfit we chose. Sensu'Elle has an amazing figure, which combined with elegance and a great personality meant we had a fantastic shoot. Highly recommended and I very much look forward to shooting with her again soon.
Paulin UK
I had my first shoot with Sensu'Elle, she is beautiful, friendly and has an amazing figure. She arrived with a large selection of clothes and beautiful dresses. She has a distinctive look and works hard to achieve the perfect end result. I enjoyed working with her immensely and look forward to doing so again.
I agree fully with all the comments already added. A joy to work with very elegant, with good poise. Highly recommended.
Stuart Freeman
Sensu'Elle turned up with a (very well organised) range of outfits with lots of accessories to match. She is very comfortable infront of the camera, fun to work with and very willing to take direction, adding here own input where appropriate. Sensu'Elle has great poise and presence infront of the camera and would definitely like to work with her again. Thanks Sensu'Elle
Mark Coutts
I shot Sensu'Elle recently and can honestly say she is a very good, friendly and interesting model. Shot after shot she knows her stuff and I came away with a too many decent images !!!
One More Picture
Absolutely fantastic. Has an extensive range of period lingerie, the perfect model for pin up. Sensu'Elle is very professional and works well under direction with excellent input and ideas, (better than mine, so I've stolen them and shall pass them off as my own) it's a joint venture. I'd work with Sensu'Elle again without hesitation, 'Just put your lips together and whistle'!
Dr Caligari
I would recommend Sensu'Elle, in a heartbeat. She is a great person, as well as a great model. Very enthusiastic and turned up with a huge bag of clothes for a shoot. Worked very well, both with direction and on her own initiative. We captured some great images and have more shoots planned. Personally, I can't wait.
Thanks Sensu'Elle!
Positive Images
Sensu'Elle is just great! Sophisticated, smart, cool and talented, she was a pleasure to work with, great look, figure and attitude with natural ability. The afternoon flew by and I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.
Gary Wallace
Sensu'Elle is a very elegant woman with lots of style ,she can quite easily turn the shoot into something special ,has a very refined look ,absolutely great attitude towards modeling ,very friendly .She also understands quite easily what is wanted when chatting about a shot as she is a very intelligent individual ,and can inject different looks into any shot .If you are reading this with a view to booking her do not hesitate, I highly recommended her to professionals and amatuers alike , and would certainly not think twice about a shoot with her again ,Thanks again S x.
Eddie Irons
Superb model and very professional. Had loads of different outfits and some great ideas. A real pleasure to work with . Highly recommended. I would have no hesitations in booking again and have already arranged another shoot already.
Jason Perkins
What a fantastic model to work with. Arrived on time, easy going and full of ideas, made the shoot a dream. Had put a lot of thought into outfits and accessories, you just couldn't help but get amazing shots, a rare gem! I am looking forward to doing another shoot sometime soon! : )
A true delight to work with, turned up very well prepared, with lots of outfits, and accessories to match. Real can do attitude, fun, relaxed shoot, with a beautiful model - looking forward to our next shoot. Book this lady!!
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