Sensu'Elle - Model & Burlesque Performer

I am now taking bookings for classes beginning 5th September 2018.

Sensu'Elle is delighted to announce her 6 week Burlesque classes in Bournemouth begin again in September 2018. With nine years experience working as a Burlesque Performer and seven years experience teaching, she invites ladies to join her, regardless of age or experience, to share hints, tips and tassels in the art of Burlesque.

Whether you have aspirations of becoming a Burlesque performer, or would simply like to attend the course for pleasure, we will be looking at the various styles of Burlesque, its history and place in popular culture today. You will learn some techniques in the art of the strip tease to enable you to feel more confident and feminine that you may put into practise during your everyday life….look out Sainsbury’s!!
Beginners Class Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm.

No experience is necessary to join this class.
During this class we will be looking at the importance of posture and poise whilst walking, standing and sitting. You will enjoy the opportunity of playing with props such as feather boas and learning to tease with evening glove removal. We will also be looking at the art of removing ‘outer’ layers of clothing and the use of hats in a Burlesque routine. Towards the end of the course you will have learnt a basic Burlesque routine and have some useful tools to take away with you to create some magical routines by yourself.

 Intermediate Class Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm

You must have previously attended a class taught by Sensu’Elle so that you will have covered some of the basic elements of strip-tease before moving forward to the Intermediate class.

This class is for Ladies wishing to take part in class but don't feel confident to move forward to create their own routine, or those just wishing to "Boomerang Belles!"

  During this class we will be improving various aspects of performance, be encouraged to get creative with costuming and work on a themed group routine choreographed by Sensu'Elle.

Advanced Class Wednesday 8.30-9.30pm

You must have previously attended a class taught by Sensu’Elle so that you will have covered some of the basic elements of strip-tease before moving forward to the advanced.

With your understanding of the core elements of a performance routine, we will be moving on to explore all the components that help you create your Burlesque persona and routine. This will include the numerous uses of props in routines including fans, umbrellas, chairs and canes before familiarizing ourselves with the many ways of peeling off those stockings, corsets and bras for those that feel confident and ready to do so! By the end of this course you will have the main ingredients and inspiration to create your very own routines and will have the opportunity of working with your class to finish and refine your acts ready for ‘Showtime’!
Following the six week course is a Student Showcase where there will be an opportunity to make your Burlesque debut’s and showcase your routines for those that feel ready to do so.  
Each 6 week course costs £65

 A £20 deposit secures your place on the course.

Please see my Calendar for further 2018 class dates.

Age limit 18+

No nudity involved.

Full Public Liability Insurance.

Registered with Equity.

References available.

Burlesque classes are non-refundable.
For more information and to book you place please email:

Gift vouchers available. Please message for details.

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Burlesque Showcase 9th November 2013
Sensu'Elle proudly presents her Burlesque Showcase. A Sensational Evening of Student Debuts. Compere for the evening "The Songbird of Trafalgar Square" Lili la Scala. Performances from The Baby Bell...


I joined the beginner classes because I wanted to learn to be more elegant. I didn't know what to expect as I have never done burlesque before, but they were fun and worth every penny. I enjoyed them so much that I did the advance course as well. It was great meeting the other ladies in the group, SensuElle was a fantastic teacher and I absolutely loved performing in the showcases.
The classes greatly improved my confidence and my burlesque certificates are proudly on display at home. I definitely recommend them."
De'fa Delicious - April 2014

"I joined the classes with a friend to have a laugh and try something different. I had a little dance background, and found that the classes were easy to follow and really good fun. They helped me to bring out my feminine side and make some great friends along the way. I feel more confident and elegant after completing the class and have continued since. Great value for money, and a wonderful social opportunity."
Bryony W - April 2014

"I have loved every minute, made some fantastic friends and its certainly boosted my confidence."
Emma C - June 2014

"A fun way to meet new people and explore your inner goddess.  Sensu Elle takes you on the amazing journey with a glamorous, calm, no pressure manner giving you the confidence to enjoy burlesque no matter what your age, shape or size is.  I went from I'm just coming for fun, to group performances, to solo in just 6 months, but it's up to you how far you take it.  Let's face it who doesn't enjoy getting together with a bunch of brilliant women and dancing around in a cloud of sequines and feathers. Thouroughly reccomend it as you will be in the experienced, gentle hands of Sensu Elle ...... your Wednesday night's will never be the same again :-) xx"
Sarah K. - July 2014

A+ burlesque classes 
"I did both the beginners and advanced classes in 2013 and recommend them wholeheartedly. Sensu'Elle is an excellent teacher and creates a supportive, fun atmosphere. In fact I didn't want the classes to finish at the end of the 6 weeks I enjoyed them so much. Definitely recommend these classes if you are looking to learn burlesque."
Clare H - July 2014

"I joined the stage one class and felt instantly at home and comfortable to be myself and even bring out my inner diva, I was given the confidence to do the showcase and loved every minute of it! I signed up for the advanced class as soon as they were available and fell even more in love with burlesque, I definitely recommend SensuElle, she is a caring, fun and she has become a friend as well as a teacher :)"
Miss Evangeline - July 2014

"These classes are amazing, I have done the beginners and advanced (and not ashamed to admit I then plagued the life out of Sensu'Elle to continue doing more classes after advanced as I couldn't bear to finish!) the girls are all lovely and supportive and I have made some great friends, definite a class to discover your inner goddess... I love it!"
Lisa P - July 2014

"Excellent. Loved the classes and Sensu'Elle is a fantastic teacher. If you are thinking of doing burlesque I couldn't recommend anyone better."
Claire W - July 2014

beautiful burlesque
"This was the best course! My confidence has increased so much since completing both courses. Sensu'Elle is an amazing teacher. I have made so many friends and enjoyed every minute! Loved the glitz, glam and was made to feel very comfortable."
Stacey M - November 2014

"The 2 burlesque courses have had such a positive impact on my life! Never did I think I would be as confident as I am now! Learning the art of burlesque really was fantastic. So much glitz ands glam! Loved every minute. Sensu'Elle is a wonderful performer and teacher"
Rose D - November 2014

"These classes are a must for any lady wanting to discover their inner goddess, Sensue'Elle breaks down the steps so that anyone can do it, was the best thing that I have done and i have made such lovely friends along the way."
Belissia Rose - November 2014

"I was a student of the amazing Sensu'Elle in 2012. What I learnt with her was amazing and really helped me in my performance career as a hula hoop artist. Victoria is very encouraging, nurturing and supportive as a teacher."
Amy Guerrier - November 2014

"This is an amazing, warm, friendly class to attend. Sensu'Elle is lovely and approachable and will be happy to listen and guide you throughout. Thanks to Sensu'Elle I have just performed my solo debut of which I am extremely proud and grateful to her for her support and belief in me. The ladies who attend are all there for the same reason and the support is brilliant.

Would highly recommend this class to anyone thinking about having a go!"

 Caroline N - November 2014

"This was a wonderful experience ! Sensu Elle is a dedicated teacher who will not only be your Mentor but your friend as well. For any one thinking of entering the Beautiful world of Burlesque these classes are the very best. You will be taught all the teasing tricks and Sensu Elle will slide you into this world with consummate ease. All the ladies are so friendly, I have made many new friends since attending these classes, I am now happily doing solo spots and loving it. Size and age are immaterial ,Burlesque is a celebration of the Female Form in all its infinite variety. SO GO FOR IT!!! It will boost your confidence for sure! Thank you for everything dear Sensu'Elle. Every word I have written is my truth xxx"
Ann W - June 2015

"I cannot recommend Sensu'Elle's Burlesque classes highly enough. I was worried that I was too old to start doing Burlesque, but having done the classes and taken part with other students in Sensu'Elle's Burlesque show, I can honestly say that age (or size!) doesn't matter.

Sensu'Elle is lovely, very patient, and I'm booked to go back to her classes again in September. I'll also be taking part in the next Burlesque show. I can't wait!"
Tigletto H - June 2015          

"I booked SensuElle's class with some trepidation, I am a large lady and have little confidence. What this lady does to you is incredible, she takes the time to teach you not only routines and the art of Burlesque, but also your teaches you to have the confidence you need in yourself. SensuElle is incredibly graceful, and beautiful. The art of Burlesque is now in my blood, and I have now booked my 4th course with her. Whether you want to join a fun class or even boost your own confidence this wonderful lady can do it for you. Book, relax, and wait for an amazing experience."
Claire W - June 2015

"I had the most amazing time in Sens-Elle's Burlesque classes. The classes were fun, friendly and very supportive. I learned so much more from Sensu-Elle than I had in previous burlesque classes, you really feel like you are encouraged! I loved watching the ladies around me flourish and grow in confidence. A truly fantabulous experience! "
Jade R - October 2015

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